Retreat Hut

Tara-Ling Retreat Hut Tara-Ling retreat hut sleeps one person comfortably and can sleep two. It has a hand- carved wooden 4’ double bed, wood-burner, out-door covered kitchen and terrace with vine.

The stone hut is next to the woods and stream and is available for full or semi-retreat for between 2 and 7 days. The hut has electricity, however at present no running water, so water needs to be collected.

There is now a composting loo near to the retreat hut, while guests may use the bathroom in the main house for showers.

There is no wifi and the area is kept smoking, alcohol and noise free for the benefit of everyone staying, maintaining an atmosphere of tranquility and natural replenishment.

Please note there is no mobile signal in the valley, however calls can be made higher up the hill on either side of the creek; there is a land-line available on request.

Dedicated to Tara, female Buddha of Compassion, Tara-Ling means Tara’s Place: the green of the valley echoing Tara’s promise.

Rates for hire of the retreat hut:

Single booking £25 per night; £170 per week

Two people £30 per night; £200 per week See: Booking

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